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Research School

The Metalund research school has been funded for another three years with 1 million SEK per year.

The graduate school is a continuation and development of the ongoing graduate school at the FAS-centre Metalund at Lund University, conducted by the Divisions of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Faculty of Medicine) and Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology (Faculty of Engineering). Clear synergies with other strong research environments at Lund university were identified in the half-time report for Metalund in June 2011, namely with Epidemiology for Health (Epihealth), The Nanometer Consortium, and SIMSAM Early Life – a node within the Swedish Initiative for Research on Microdata in the Social and Medical Sciences (SIMSAM). A collaboration between Metalund and these partners is the basis for the extension and development of the proposed graduate school.

The graduate school supplements the regular PhD programme within each department, by:

  • graduate courses
  • weekly seminars
  • yearly conferences where the PhD students present the results and discuss with the tutors
  • national network for PhD students within the area of work, environment and health

Access will also be offered to students outside Lund University. In order to increase cross-disciplinary understanding, it will support co-supervising over the faculty borders.

The research school will thus foster a new generation of researchers with an interdisciplinary training in the field of work, environment and health, as well as excellent professional national and international net-works. This is of special importance for the sustainability of occupational and environmental research in Sweden due to the current age structure. The aim is furthermore to develop the field, in that the research competence and skills developed shall be suited to tackle the full range of problems, from basic research on methods and pathomechanisms, to intervention in and design of work environments.

Metalund's coordinators, Associate Professor Maria Albin and Professor Mats Bohgard, have the overall scientific responsibility. Two directors of studies are responsible for the daily operations, Emilie Stroh and Joakim Pagels.


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The research school has closed.

Former director of studies

Emilie Stroh
Occupational and Environmental Medicine
+46 46 17 79 18

Joakim Pagels
Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology
+46 46 222 16 88
+46 46 705 11 42 17

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